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Admire the allure of natural wood but seek to alleviate concerns about moisture damage and upkeep? Contact Bloomin’ Blinds of South Charlotte! Our extensive range of faux wood blinds has earned the trust of customers.

Discover why faux wood is a practical alternative to real wood, perfect for any budget-conscious homeowner. Comprising polymer and vinyl, faux wood closely emulates the texture and look of genuine wood.

Experience the rustic charm of wood without the high cost – an elegant and affordable solution for your window treatments. Let us show you how faux wood blinds from Bloomin’ Blinds of South Charlotte bring aesthetic appeal and functionality to your space.

Faux vs Natural Wood Blinds

In contrast to genuine wood blinds, faux wood blinds are crafted from a blend of polymer and vinyl, faithfully replicating the texture and look of real wood. Yet, these exquisite blinds offer the rustic allure of natural wood while being significantly more budget-friendly.

Why Choose Faux Wood vs. Natural Wood Blinds?


• Similar to natural wood, faux wood blinds exhibit exceptional durability against impacts and debris.
• Resistant to UV fading and degradation, faux wood does not suffer the same vulnerabilities as untreated natural wood.

Water Resistant

• Faux wood's polymer and plastic composition grants it superior water resistance compared to natural wood.
• No need for sealing to protect against moisture, making them ideal for kitchens and bathrooms.

Light Control

• Faux wood's opacity ensures excellent light control, with slats capable of nearly complete sunlight blockage when closed.
• This enhanced light control not only keeps interiors cooler but also enables effective room darkening.

Cost Effective

• Faux wood blinds provide cost-effectiveness while maintaining impressive durability.
• Their relatively low maintenance requirements translate to less time and money spent on cleaning and repairs, compared to real wood.

Experience the benefits of faux wood blinds that combine durability, water resistance, light control, and affordability, making them a practical and aesthetic choice for your window treatments. Bloomin’ Blinds of South Charlotte offers a wide selection of faux wood options to suit your preferences and needs.

Motorized and Cordless Options for Faux Wood Blinds

At Bloomin’ Blinds, diversity reigns supreme as we offer a variety of colors, styles, and customizations for your new blinds, featuring cordless and motorized choices.

Every project is unique, and our team crafts personalized solutions for each design consultation. Our goal is to bring quality blinds within reach to all of South Charlotte. Get a free estimate and explore our financing options as we strive to make your window treatment journey seamless and affordable.

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At Bloomin’ Blinds of South Charlotte, we streamline your search for window treatments, making it quick and effortless. Our innovative virtual window treatment visualizer assists you in discovering the ideal blinds for your space. Furthermore, we collaborate with top-tier manufacturers and provide a lifetime warranty for all repair and installation services. Would you like to explore the endless options for faux wood blinds in Charlotte, or the surrounding communities? Send Bloomin’ Blinds a message today or call (803) 373-1030!

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